Independent Creative Brand Agency, Born in Manchester

Creative Brand Agency For Ambitious Brands

Senso Agency is an independent, creative brand agency, based in Manchester. We deliver positive change for our clients, helping them overcome the digital challenges they are facing, making them future-proof. Creative and strategic business people lead us. Our work results in design and digital experiences that resonate with the people. All of our work is collaborative and together, we solve critical challenges and take advantage of valuable opportunities.

Bloom Bar & Bistro Branding Preview


Your brand is your business. Meaning, it tells the story of who you are and why you exist. To do this, you need a strategy-led, digital-first brand. Allow us to immerse into your world and create your brand and identity system that will allow your business to be future-proof.

Video, Photo & Animation

Impressive photos/video campaigns of various aspects of your company allow consumers to see your company and appeals to multiple senses. As a result, they build on your brand and allow customers or prospects to not only read about your business but to view engaging high-quality visual assets that really tell the story of your business.

Digital Product Design

Todays digital world is ever-evolving, bringing constant challenges for consumers and businesses alike. We believe that beautifully designed websites allow you to show your customers/prospects what your brand is about and ultimately create a digital experience. We’ve done this for some truly ambitious brands companies, so we can do it for you.

Mandem Meet Up Bus stop billboard concept

Brand Communications

It is important you have a clear and interesting voice to be heard in a noisy market. We make your message unmistakably your own by creating a tone of voice that comes from the heart of your brand, for instance. We then develop the propositions, messaging frameworks and communication materials you need to inform your audience, whether on social media, digital platforms or in print.