Bloom Bar & Bistro

Liverpool Bar & Bistro

Brand Identity & Strategy 

Naming, visual identity and launch for Liverpool Bar & Bistro and baby shower hosts.

Liverpool Bar & Bistro founders approached us to develop a brand strategy and visual identity. The brand needed to represent their concept to host leading baby shower events, whilst also appealing to an audience of foodies and people who like to go out for drinks.

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Blooms logo with the restaurant in the background with a green overlay
Bloom Bar & Bistro Brand Guide

Though the F&B industry on Allerton Road has an extremely competitive scene. There was a gap in the market between beautiful, relaxed bars and amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner. Being a new challenger, Bloom Bar & Bistro needed a strong brand identity to make that niche its own, and carve their own path to be a leading Liverpool bar & bistro.

blooms afternoon tea menu design

We set out to create a contemporary and smart logomark and wordmark for Bloom. They had to use them on all digital platforms, print, apparel and social media.

Fusing the floral bloom into the logos created a connection that represents baby showers. We express this fusion of the petals and floral throughout Bloom’s visual identity. We do this through contrasting typography options and a distinctive colour palette of baby pink, mint green with a deep purple.

bloom bar and bistro logomark on a green background
blooms staff uniform shirt mock up
blooms instagram on a pink background

After creating a bold visual identity for the to attract the attention of Bloom’s target audience. We then developed Bloom’s brand personality, narrative and tagline that explains their core values. Alongside the new brand, Bloom now has the purpose, voice, platform and tools to grow and expand its appeal to a greater audience.

blooms launch invitation in pink
bloom christmas menu
Blooms A La Carte menu
blooms pink business cards on a green background