Mandem Meet Up

Men’s Mental Health Non-Profit

Branding, Brand Strategy, Exterior Concepts and Visual Concepts

A new brand identity for a non-profit with the mission to destigmatise men's mental health.

Our task was to communicate the concept with a forward-facing brand strategy, including visual identity and impactful brand guidelines. Our strategy rooted in Mandem Meet Ups mission. We worked closely with the MMU founder to understand their motivations, their frustrations and their vision for MMU. The results allowed us to understand what the brand needed to say and how it needed to say it.

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Mandem Meet Up brothers, come as you are billboard concept
Mandem Meet Up pop up event visual concept

We created a meaningful identity that introduced an impactful colour palette, purposeful patterns and a visual language that articulated to the world.

The brand has not only opened a new door for men’s mental health to the outside world but introduced guidelines and consistency internally. Which were compulsory.

Mandem Meet Up Lets grow together
Mandem Meet Up age doesnt matter
Mandem Meet Up join our brothers

The branding visual ties together all elements of the mission lining Mandem Meet Up with their tagline, “Brothers, Come As You Are, You’re Welcome Here.”

Mandem Meet Up Vacuum Bottles
Mandem Meet Up steamy mug
Mandem Meet Up Event Invitations
Mandem Meet Up Bus stop billboard concept
Mandem Meet up is a space void of judgement