Mandem Meetup

Branding a Charity Leading The Way With Men's Mental Health

Identity, Campaigns, Strategy, Web

Mandem Meetup is a men's mental health community on a mission to challenge the stigma around mental health in men, with a completely unique approach.

The centrepiece of both its purpose and its meaning is an incredible passion. A passion for pioneering the change in how people perceive mental health in men, the beauty of building solid communities, and the pleasures of bringing fellow men together and creating authentic relationships through truth.

This purpose is directly derived from the founder personally struggling and identifying a way to bring men together and give access to things like nature. It's not just a community, but a charitable organisation that has the vision to grow and offer safe spaces for men both locally and nationally, 365 days a year.

From this concept, Senso developed the brand to express the connection of men, and how they help men by bringing them together and ultimately offering them a helping hand, where possible. To represent this as an art form to the public and set the direction for the brand’s future.

The team designed a deck of brand assets, treating them so that the term "Mandem" reverberates and resonates with men from all backgrounds and ages, not just a younger demographic, and makes sense across all communications.

We started a partnership with Mandem Meetup in September 2021. We began by joining the community and immersing into their world by meeting existing members and getting their true opinion and hearing their personal stories. We rapidly learnt that Mandem Meetup weren't just bringing men together they were truly pioneering this new approach to de-stigmatising men's mental health.

We have since scaled and organically grown their social from 0 to 700 followers and increased their active member count from 18 to 90. All in 6 months, organically.

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